A Message from the Minister of Manitoba Agriculture

Welcome to Celebrating 150 Years of Agriculture in Manitoba, a celebration of the profound impact of our agricultural sectors on our province’s past, present and future. Making the most of nature’s bounty has made Manitoba the province it is today, fuelling the growth and development of industries that drive our economy, employ thousands of people and feed the world.

Since earliest times, our agriculture sectors have continued to find innovative solutions to industry challenges, always evolving to meet the needs of a growing population and an ever-expanding global marketplace. A commitment to quality products, an abundance of industry expertise and a shared pride in agricultural excellence have shaped a provincial agricultural sector that has rightfully earned a stellar reputation around the world.

One area of growth in recent decades has been an understanding of early Indigenous agriculture in what is now Manitoba. Indigenous people lived and cultivated food plants in the Lockport area into the early 1400s, and this site is regarded as evidence of the earliest pre-European farming on the Canadian prairies. The Manitoba government is committed to continuing to work with Indigenous communities to expand and grow the sustainable agriculture sector in this province into the future.

Through prairie ingenuity and a spirit of innovation, Manitoba’s agricultural sectors continue to develop and prosper, thanks to the thousands of Manitobans who work hard to ensure the highest standards of food quality and safety as they produce a remarkably diverse array of products for local, national and global consumers. 

This book is an example of collaboration with Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) that shines a deserving spotlight on 150 years of Manitoba’s agriculture industry, including the stories that have been major contributors to sector success. It takes readers along the road to the dynamic industry we know today, offering insights into the collective resilience and determination that have served this industry so well in overcoming challenges, boding so well for our future.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this deserving tribute to Manitoba agriculture, especially to those whose vision and dedication contributed to each chapter of our provincial agriculture success story. Thanks to the seeds of industry excellence you have planted, Manitoba’s agricultural sectors are bound to flourish for generations to come.

Honourable Derek Johnson

Minister of Agriculture